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Precision treatment in a no-till, cost-efficient and sustainable way

In compacted soils the air ratio is not optimal, which hinders root growth, water uptake and nutrient absorption. The equipment through the patented needle spike loosens the soil by injecting high-pressure air into the deeper layers.

The Bloomair technology delivers water together with high pressure air which can then spread in the loosened soil.

In addition to loosening and irrigation, high pressure air allows the direct delivery of different nutrient mixes and liquid fertilizers directly into the rootzone.

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Soil loosening

using high pressure air

  • optimizes the soil structure in the rootzone
  • greatly supports water retention
  • makes recultivation of contaminated soils possible
  • increases yields


with less fertilizer

  • directly in the rootzone in a GHG free way
  • precision dosage: fertiliser, pig slurry injection
  • significantly reduces fertiliser use
  • can be integrated into organic farming


with water saving

  • delivers water directly into the root zone
  • maximizes the utilization of the liquid
  • has no soil-erosion effects
  • minimizes evaporation

Cost redustion

with precision Bloomair technology

  • stopping dieback
  • preventing drought damage
  • much less fertilizer needed
  • osaving on irrigation water

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Technology and instrument


We are experts in innovation: in addition to using the technology, we also continuously develop it.

It is a 100% Hungarian innovation.

The patented needle spike injects high-pressure air into the topsoil layer of 60-90 cm. At the same time liquid nutrients, or water from 2 deciliters up to 6 liters can be injected. As a result the soil structure is optimized.

The control-electronics and software allow the parameters of the treatment to be set directly, using the touch screen LCD display located in the cabin.

The telemetry directly connects to the internet: records all parameters, saves GPS coordinates, generates work records.  With the right access all data is available online.

Technical parameters

Nutrients to use

  • liquid fertilizer, pig slurry
  • pesticides, nutrient mix
  • soluble powder/granular materials
  • bacteria


  • loosening depth: 600-800 mm
  • air working pressure: 12 bar
  • root irrigation: 1-6 l water
  • precision dosage: 0.5 dl accuracy


  • recorded technology parameters
  • saving GPS coordinates
  • online access to all data
  • generating work records

Latest case study

László Sveda’s grapevines were treated with potassium fertilizer

In the selected rows, 60 grams of powder-based nutrients dissolved in 0.5 liters of liquid were applied directly to the rootzone.




The Bloomair technology provides several opportunities to apply for the calls of the tender system within the framework of the Hungarian CAP (Common Agricultural Politics)  Strategic Plan. The technology helps to improve the environmental conditions and the sustainable use of natural resources. It also offers a solution for taking advantage of the grant opportunities aimed at improving the health status, climate adaptation and environmental quality of forests.

The Bloomair technology offers no-till cultivation of woody plants without soil disturbance. The technology prevents greenhouse gases (GHG) from entering the atmosphere by injecting pig slurry or any liquid fertilizer 60-80 cm deep, directly into the rootzone. Therefore, farmers may also receive carbon credits.

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We are constantly working to increase crop yield and crop safety of the plantations by providing the soil with the right amount of oxygen, water and nutrients. All this without emitting greenhouse gases, in a sustainable manner.

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